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Chemistry Teacher: What is the chemical formula of water?
Student: HIJKLMNO.
Chemistry Teacher: What are you talking about?
Student: Yesterday you said H to O.

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Sardarji saw two Pakistani workers in Karachi.
One of them dig a hole, and the other guy immediately fill it with soil again. They repeated the work again and again.

Sardarji couldn’t understand their job. He asked the Pakistanis about it.
Paki Worker replied: The third guy who plants the trees in holes is on leave today, & we are doing our duty.


A rich Sardarji needed blood for his heart surgery.
He got it from a poor Bania.
Sardar ji gave him 5 million dollars.
Once again the Sardar Ji needed blood for surgery.

Bania was more than happy to donated blood again.
This time, Sardar just gave him a Cadburies Chocolate. Bania asked the reason.

Sardar Ji: Now I also have Bania blood in my body.


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