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Part - 38

* Tomorrow all schools, colleges, and office will be holiday. Just inform to all.... . . .
Reason: rozy miss ka kutta mar gaya...! Aaoo

* ta ta ta ta ta ta ta TA ta ta ta ta ta ta . Wat is d moral of this Line....???? . . . . Anek "ta" me ek "TA"

* Unbeatable Truth- V realize tat value of life. Increases 1ly after its lost. Example: A live chicken 75 Rs n Tandoori Chicken 180 Rs.

* A woman kidnapped. The kidnapper sent a piece of her finger to her husband and demanded money. Husband replied : I want more proof.

* Doctor: Mrs. Nandini gud news 4 u. Nandini: wat do u mean by mrs. Nandini? I am miss Nandini. Doctor: O!! Sorry Miss Nandini, Bad News 4 u.

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Boyfriend: I like ur 'teeth'
Gal: Oh really.. Why?
Boyfriend: bcos'yellow' is my favorite color
Moral:- "Love Is Blind"




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