Love Letter 3

Love Letter :: Send to your Love

To the love of my life


So many colors, pictures and poetry could describe our love; but now that I’m about to tell you how true,
pure and great it is, I’m short for words, pictures and even for a little poetic knowledge.

You are the love of my life, I wouldn’t know how to live away from someone as special as you anymore,
someone that pushes me forward and shows me the beauty in things. I could never again find peace in my
heart if you left or couldn’t be there for me. Before that certainty, I have no option but to reaffirm, with all
conviction, what I just said before: you represent, in the flesh, bone, blood and emotion, the great love that
will accompany me till the end of my days.

May life keep on blessing us with each other’s presence. May our days be filled with love, affection and
tenderness you give. May I continue to dedicate you with what’s most sincere, beautiful and best in me.

When I think about you, I feel like I have everything one could wish for. In this case, all I could ask for is a
little bit more of you, or make that, you forever!

My faith and the Gods attend my request!

Tender kisses from the one who loves you too much,
The paths of love


Having someone like you by my side makes me feel protected from all the dangers you may come across
around each corner of the world. Having you close by makes me feel capable of walking all the paths life puts
before me, for there’s no evil that can resist a heart filled with love and inflated with the optimism and hope
only a great love can bring...

I know that all tracks I walk by your side will be good ones. I know that all steps I take next to you will be
the right ones towards absolute happiness. And that’s because I can feel the strength of love, decency,
friendship, honesty and all the virtues with a simple touch of your hand or when you look at me.

You make me look at the future with the certainty that happiness is possible and that we should not fear any
obstacles. Because we will always find a way out of any difficulties if we keep our hearts filled with this greater
feeling called love, a love that means solidarity, companionship and faith in life. You convince me of that.
That and a lot more, because there’s nothing better in the world than to feel loved and wanted...

Take this letter as a confirmation of the immense love I feel for you and for your noble spirit, strength, feelings
and beauty that are kept in their essence.

Tender kisses


With you I feel happy and powerful


You probably must be thinking how strange it is to receive a letter from me, since I am not accustomed to
write. But, suddenly I had this strong urge to declare how good it is to love you, how well I feel about this
tenderness that exists around us, even when you are not right at my side.

You know, to love and be loved by you is the best of all sensations I have ever experienced in my life.
With you I feel happy and powerful. I feel free, I mean that I feel secure to take any attitude, any route,
knowing that my actions are aimed to achieve the best for both of us.

I always miss you so much, but it is a good feeling, it is sweet and tender, it is calm because I know it will
be handled and very well handled as soon as my eyes reach the brightness of yours and the white smile of
your mouth.

My dearest and adorable creature, I hope the purity of this feeling (which I perceive is mutual) lasts in its
plenitude and intensity for the rest of our lives.


Promise of happiness

Dear (name)

Has anybody ever told you that love is a promise of happiness? .It can be, but what I feel for you, all the
calmness and peace that you pass to me are much more than a simple promise.

Loving you is to have the certainty of becoming and being happy. Your sweet presence and persistency
feed me. The air that sustains me comes from your peppermint breath . And if sleeping with you is the
greatest of the pleasures, waking up with your radiant "good morning!" is to taste the most pure dose of
cheerfulness, an ingenuous happiness that lasts until the twilight.

I like to make my chest your pillow, to nest your head in my lap and to hold your beautiful and fertile womb.
I love you my pet, my most intimate friend, my companion and my confidant. My protective mother, my
spoiled daughter, my woman, my lovable little whore.

I haven¹t seen you for a few hours, but I miss you so much. I can¹t stand to wait any longer to meet you
and have you as a prisoner in my arms, in the most sweet and perfect paradox of freedom.

A kiss without chastity from your


Where everything is beautiful and pure

Dear (name)

When I saw you for the first time, I couldn¹t ever have imagined that your almost candid face, which holds
a young and shy smile, was going to captivate me the way it did.

It has been a long time, do you remember?

However, this profound tenderness that I nurture for you, and which I dare call love is something very
intensive and beautiful. It is renewed every minute as if you could enchant me at every blink of an eye.

I know that I really love you simply because I don¹t feel anguish and don¹t even get tired from our intensive
relationship. It is in the saliva of your kisses and in the exchange of the sweat from our bodies that I find the
balm of courage, the courage needed to confront this world which is full of villainy and cruelty.

It is in the delicate tone of your voice, in the suggested rainbow that is formed from the light of the sun hitting
the cascade of your hair, or merely in the subtle touch of your hands where I rest my heart and travel through
an ideal space, a space where everything is peaceful, where everything is beautiful and pure.

A space where everything is love, it is in this route that I travel and it is on you that I sail, at last.

A kiss from your

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