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Part - 41

* As promised to Obama,India is giving jobs to Americans... Pamela Anderson is the first recruitment

* Appu: What was the real reason of your divorce?
Pappu: Our marriage.

* Journalist: Tel me Major, did u ever fall in2 hands of enemy in any of ur engagements?
Major: Oh, yes,but I escaped wen I got a divorce.

* Why do Indian women pray 2 God 4 same husband in next life? 2 ensure the efforts taken 2 train him in dis life,do not go in vain!

* He : Darling, if you marry me, I will satisfy your smallest wishes. She : And what about the big wishes.

* Wife: Dear,don't u think I have put 2 much salt in Soup? Husband: Not at all,darling.There is perhaps not quite enough soup 4 salt

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Woman: When my husband left me,
he said: He was going to join the army for a Little peace.


funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Crack: It is sickening way, my wife keeps talking abt her
Jack: Tats nothng. Mine keeps talking abt her next husband.


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