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Part - 42

Appu : I am the 4th husband of my Wife.
Pappu : You are not a husband but a habit.

A widow wrote on the tombstone of her husband. . . . . . . .
Rest in peace - Till We Meet Again.

Wife: I have read in newspaper that widows make d best wives.
Husband: May b! But you can't xpect me 2 kill myself that u can b good wife to sumone.

Appu: What is the best way to see flying saucers?
Pappu: Pinch the waitress.

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.comTeacher: In this exam, you will be allowed 10 mins for each question.
Pappu: And how long for each Answer?


funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.comPappu: Excuse me,but I dont think I deserve a mark of "0" for dis Exam Paper.
Teacher: Neither do I,but it is lowest mark I can give ??


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