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Part- 43

* Boy: Did you know that the most intelligent kid in our class is deaf? Girl: That is unfortunate.
Boy: What did you say?

* Crack: When is it unlucky to see a black cat?
Jack: When you are a mouse.

* Appu : What is the difference between a nail and a boxer?
Pappu : One gets knocked in the other gets knocked out.

* Appu: Would you like me to help you with your homework.
Pappu: No thanks, I can get it wrong by myself.

* What's d difference between people who pray in Temples and people who pray in d Exam Centres? Those in d exam centres are damn serious.

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* All of our politicians play KBC in reverse manner.
They make crores and crores first and then answer the questions later...

funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* I want to share Everything with u. ur JOYS, ur SADNESS, ur HAPPY MOMENTS
Every single 2nd of day Let us START with ur ATM Password 1st.


funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* There is a saying: If u want to be great,You must walk with great people.
Seriously I have no objection u can walk with me.


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