Love Letter 2

Love Letter :: Send to your Love

Shine every time you see me

My darling,

When I look deep in your eyes I can see how they shine every time you see me. And my heart is filled with
happiness, as it feels reassured that all the affection I’ve devoted to you echoes in your kind heart.

It’s great to feel loves and wanted by someone as sweet as you. It feels great that each one of your gestures
and caresses has a reason to be; they are not just automatic gestures but truly felted ones, coming from the
bottom of your heart just to cheer me up and make me happy.

I would love you more each day if only that was possible. But it isn’t, because you already have the best
of me. Our lives already walk side by side and I can only imagine good things happening in them. Forgive me
if I sound too cocky, but it pleases me to know that you are happy and to know that my presence is the
reason for your well being. I’m happy to know that you are happy by my side!

I want to devote myself to you always; I want to see you this happy all the time. I could never neglect this
beautiful love we share, because I can’t imagine one day looking into your eyes and not finding that bright
flame of affection and happiness.

Love. Yours
Good morning, day by looking at you face

My darling,

It feels great to start the day by looking at your sweet face and listening to your soft voice. I know that by
the time I usually hear your "good morning", most of the people are out in the streets, facing the traffic or being
surrounded by a multitude of problems.

Yet, your morning greeting gives me the strength to face any Goliath. You wishing me a good day gives me the
motivation to decipher any enigma and to face any giants because it fills me with love and courage. And that’s
why it feels so great to find you by my side every morning.

You are, the reason of my worries and at the same time the source of my courage. Without you around I
would be more indifferent to adversities. But you give me the motivation to look ahead with confidence and
determination in the pursuit of the options that will give us more tranquility to enjoy the affection we share.

Even when my days don’t run as smoothly as I would like, I don’t get mad, because I know I will be coming
home to your caresses and to be greeted by your warm smile. Even when I face some problems during the
day, I always keep in mind your morning wish, your “good morning“ and I try to overcome every obstacles
just so that I can see you again soon and enjoy true peace in the peaceful island of your arms.

I love your “Good morning!”, just as I love every night and every hour we spend together.



A great love will never die


I suddenly started remembering, not with a nostalgic feeling but with a lot of tenderness, the time we really
were together, the time we used to share to the full our emotions, wishes and hopes. I remembered everything
we’d already lived together and I missed it! Strange that I’ve remembered those things, but that’s because
I feel you’re becoming so distant… And yet, for me this is just the confirmation that a great love will never die
and I hope you feel the same...

I started by remembering only the good things that surrounded us: the way you used to touch me, the tender
words we dedicated to each other, the way you used to look at me (always with a mix of love and desire),
the warmth of your body.

And it’s as if I could feel it all over again, as if I could here the sound of your voice penetrating my ears just
as it used to happen not so long ago.

That’s when I thought there could be a chance for us to relive those times… I know we’re living a different
reality today and we’re more susceptible to everyday problems, letting them interfere with our lives us. But I
thought that perhaps we could fearlessly give in to this beautiful and strong feeling that, at one point, has
brought us together and that, for me, is more alive than ever!

Think about it carefully, my darling!

With love from yours
Blood flows – happily- in my veins.

Dear (name)

Loving you gives me the certainty that my blood flows – happily – in my veins.

You are the most beautiful, sweet and wonderful thing that could have happened to me, and I can only thank
heaven for putting in my path with the strength and persistence of a cascade.

I know I love you and becoming aware of all this love that invades and takes over me makes me very happy.
I feel happy mainly because of all the energy that comes from you; you are a source of good feelings, fountain
of virtues and of joy.

If the reason why I feel the way I feel is due to you, I can only reciprocate by devoting you all my affection
and attention, by dedicating you the deepest and truest of loves, and by making myself available for anything
you may need. There’s nothing happier in the world than reciprocated love, and this is how I feel about our
love: reciprocated, true and, for all that, extremely happy!

With a very tender kiss from someone that loves you very much and will never, ever forget you,

Open up my heart to you


I would like to open up my heart to you, but I may lack the skill, or I’m short for words, because my heart
harbors so many good feelings towards you that the dictionary seems to short to express all this love.

I feel an immense and endless love for you. Immense because it’s almost impossible to measure it or
compare it to anything you might now; endless because it reassures me that it will endure all summers,
winters, springs and ages, and it will reach fall with the royal dignity of an oak tree.

This immense love is all yours. This love is what that moves and targets my thoughts towards good and
beauty. With you, with the emotion that your existence and closeness bring me, I am capable of overcoming
all dangers and obstacles live may bring. With you I’m unable to succumb to sadness and desperation, you
bring me the trust and joy; you’re already a part of my happy soul!

Yes, my love, you are part of my happy soul because you’re the one that makes it happy and today I
would like to tell you how much I love you. Maybe this letter will give you a rough idea.

A passionate kiss

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