Love Letter 1

Love Letter :: Send to your Love

Someone as special as you

Dear ....................,

What do you think would have happened between us if you weren’t as beautiful as you are?
I’ll tell you what: no more and no less than it happens already, because even if your beauty wasn’t
as obvious as it is, I would still love you and that sweet, adorable little heart of yours!

You were, are and always will be the safest and most beautiful harbor, where I anchor all the love
I have in me. I feel all the peace and harmony in the world every time you smile; and every time you
look at me it’s as if I can see this quite and crystal clear bay.

If you weren’t as beautiful as you are, so beautiful that you can outshine the moon and the sun,
I would still be totally in love with you, because you alight my soul and make it shine each time
you tell me you love me...

It’s great to feel wanted by someone as special as you. It’s great to feel loved by such a beautiful
and radiant woman like you, who makes nature seem more perfect, complete and wonderful just
because she exists.

You are so beautiful. But even if you didn’t have all that physical beauty, I would still inevitably
given in to the beauty of your kind heart.

A passionate kiss from
Like to be your girlfriend !

Dear friend (name),

I love being your friend but, with Valentine`s Day drawing closer, I had this absurd idea, you know?
I began to imagine what it would be like to be your girlfriend... Well, don`t be scared, I said t was a silly
idea, remember? But dreaming is costless, usually painless and has no side effects. So I started thinking
that if I were your girlfriend I could fix you a nice dinner on the 14th of February.

And I`ll tell you why: I need to test a recipe that I have learned from a friend of mine, who just happens
to be one of the best chefs in town... It consists of coffee ravioli stuffed with nuts and brie cheese,
which is just delicious ; and since I know you love pasta, I would be more than happy to fix you this
dish if you were my boyfriend. But I guess that won`t be happening...

If I were your girlfriend, I bet you would be wearing nicer, more fashionable ties and aftershave,
because I would be extremely careful when choosing them. And I would also be extremely proud to introduce
such an `elegant` boyfriend to all my friends. But I am not your girlfriend, so you can keep on wearing your
warned out jeans and those salesman ties!

Well, I told you it was a crazy idea... Still, if you want to try some delicious cookies that I have learned
from my grandmother, just drop by on the 14th of February. I bet you won`t regret it.

Way I look at you

Dear (name),

Time goes by but it hasn’t made me change the way I look at you; on the contrary, the desire to love you
and to want you all to myself grows bigger and bigger every time I look at you.

To know that you exist is a fountain of joy and suffering. Your presence lightens up my world, but knowing
how far you are from my arms and my affection deeply saddens my heart. I would like to find a formula
to have you closer to me, to show you my affection in the most platonic way and to feel your presence
as something more real.

If love is such a glorious feeling, the pain of being away from the loved one is the most horrible one.

I want you to know this: I have nurtured this huge affection for you for a very long time now and my greatest
happiness would be to share this feeling, this joy and the best of my life with you. I don’t know if you have
ever noticed my interest or this old passion, but now that I am declaring my love to you, I hope you will
actually see me and not just look indifferently at me.

Maybe this letter won’t change at all the way you react to me, but I feel somewhat relieved for having clearly
expressed these feelings I have nurtured for you for such a long time.

You in my heart

My love,

It’s great to have you in my heart and to be able to feel you close to me all day long. I never get to miss you
because I know you are always with me, even when we have many roads and miles between us.

I never get to miss you because I have you in my thoughts all the time; you are constantly in my heart, feeding
my soul with love and affection, and leaving me with this feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

I can’t thank faith enough for having found you. I only regret the lost time, I regret not having met you before…
But here’s a little secret, which can also be a life motto: "happiness, even if late!"

Still, I will not complain about luck; on the contrary, I just thank the fact that I am with you now, enjoying your
presence, your intimacy, the sweetness and delicacy of your gestures, your skin and all the pleasure it gives me when it touches mine.

You are everything I ever wanted in my life. You are everything I love and wanted to love. You give me this
feeling of fulfillment like nothing else in the world can. I am sending you this letter with all my affection: it was written with the soul intention of declaring my most pure and devoted love for you.


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