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Part - 37

* Every man should have a wife - preferably his own!

* By the time a man really does understand woman, his wife wont let him out of the house at night.

* Good resolutions are like college girls. Easy to make, but hard to break.

* Appu: I would like some crocodile shoes please.
Pappu: Certainly, Sir! What size shoe does your crocodile wear?

* He: What you prefer in a man - wealth, position, character or appearance?
She: Appearance and the sooner the better.

* Crazy fact of today's generation. Once upon a time, girls used to cook like their mothers. But now they drink like their fathers.

* Pappu: Have you noticed that most heroes are married man? Appu: Every married man is a hero.

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.comAppu: How do you know when you are getting old?
Pappu: When the candles cost more than the cake.


Her telephone is a private number - every private has it.

On a sign board in New Delhi: Wear a helmet or you may have a hell mate.


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