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Wife runs home saying,
Pack ur bag honey,
I won 10 crores in lottery
Husband: Where r we going?
Wife: Who cares? pack n get lost.

CBI Raids In Katrina's House.
Bathroom - 20 Lacs Cash,
Store Room 50 Kg Gold n
Bed Room Full Of My Photos Sily Gal. .
Krazy About Me.

Lady: So,u want to become my son in law?
Boy:Not really, But I don't see any other way to marry your daughter.

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Hai Smart bahot wo hai bheja Ne
Jis aur hoon raha padh se Niche ko Msg Jo hoon pagal
wo Mai
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R u Fed Up vth 4Wrd Msgs..
Read dis 1
'erac ekat''etin dug''zmrd teews''llew peels'
Thiis Is Not a Fwd Msg..
This Is a Backwd Msg..


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