Funny Pictures & Funny Jokes

A funny accountant visits a museum with a Sardar Ji.

Accountant: This painting is 500 years and 20 days old.
Sardar: Amazing! Where did you get this exact information?
Accountant: I was here 20 days ago.
The guide told me that the painting was 500 years old.

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School Teacher: What is common between Buddha, Jesus,
Mahavir and Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

Student: All of them were born on Indian center govt holidays!

Laloo rang labor room of hospital to know about his pregnant wife Rabri.
By mistake he dialed the number of a cricket stadium.
Laloo: How's it going?
Reply: Fine, four are already out. The last one was a duck.

SweetAngelOnlySanta: Why do you close your eyes while playing the piano?
Banta: I can't see the agony of the audience.

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