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Part - 45

* Girl: Can I hold your hand?
Boy: No Girl: Why?
Boy: because it will hurt too much when you let it go.

* If you wait to be happy, you will wait forever However if you start to be happy,you will be happy forever Start Smiling and keep happy.

* The height of mixed emotion? ur motherin law falls 4rm the 7th floor on ur brand new ferrari n u dunt knw whether 2 laugh or cry

* My Girlfriend Suggested A Book For Me To Read To Enhance Our Relationship Its Entitled: Women Are From Venus, Men Are Wrong.

* Dream makes everything possible,Hope makes everything work,Love makes everything beautiful,Smile makes all d above So always Brush ur Teeth.

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funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Do you Like me as I am??
Or do I haVe to Request GOD to impRove your taste ??

funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Wife said :I will die
Husband replied:I will also die
Wife again:why will u die?
Husband said:bcaz i cant bear the excitement when u die.


funny_pictures_funny_Jokes_vandanasanju.blogspot.com* Q:What did the gangster son tell dad when he failed his examination?
A:Dad they questioned me for 3 hours but I never told them anything


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