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- Joke -
Who walks with us through the difficult path of life?
Mom dad? No
Husband Wife ? No
Friends ? No
what? foot wear

- Joke -
Fill these blanks with "Yes" or "No"
1.__ I dont have a brain.
2.__ I dont sense.
3. __ I am stupid.
4.__ I am not a human.
Try to fill.

- Joke -
Which is the oldest Animal in the World?
Give up?
Well its,
Zebra Because it is still Black and White and not in Color

- Joke -
you are going through HELL then Then? Then?Then?
Keep going.

- Joke -
u r the 1 who is CHARMING
You are the 1 who is INTELLIGENT
You are the 1 who is CUTE
And I am the 1 who is spreading these RUMORS


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