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The story of much-awaited flick ‘Ravana’, which was kept as a guarded secret, is out
of the closet. Production Raavan in Hindi and Tamil is a modern day adaptation of the Ramayan.
However the director Mani Ratnam now is trying to play it down as he does not want
to get the ire of the Hindutva brigade.

According to sources, the storyline of Abhi-Ash starrer, which is set for 2009
release, was only told to the leading characters including Abhishek Bachchan,
Aishwarya Rai and a few other members involved in the project.

The one line story is about a married women Sita (Aiswarya Rai) getting kidnapped by
a guy with negative shades, a modern day Ravan (Vikram in Tamil and Abhishek in Hindi
version), and subsequently they get attracted to each other.

Meanwhile her husband a Police Officer ( Prithviraj in Tamil and Vikram in Hindi),
who always thinks negatively does not have the best of relationship with his wife
as he is devoted more to his brother (Laxman?) played by Prabhu.

The protagonist is Ravana, an anti hero who is doing it to take revenge on the cop
who humiliated his sister (Priyamani) and was responsible for her death. Mani
fearing the wrath of Hindu organizations is now trying to keep the parallel between
his ‘fictional’ story and Ramayan to the minimum.

He has not shot any intimate love scenes between Vikram (Abhishek) and Aiswarya Rai,
and as per sources it is suggestive. Mani Ratnam is treading very cautiously, as there are too many similarities between the epic and his film. Imagine if a BJP government were to come after the Lok Sabha elections, he would be in a fix.

And here the story takes ‘U’ turn, when both Abhi-Ash fall in love.

‘Ravana’ is apparently a fresh day take on the ‘Ramayana’ with Junior Bachchan
playing the lead character. But it's Abhi-Ash's love situation that takes story to a different level.
Suhasini, Mani Ratnam's wife, also makes her Bollywood debut with ‘Ravana’.

According to rumor mill, the role played by Govinda is inspired by ‘Hanuman’ from
Ramayana who helps Vikram to reach Abhishek. Ravi Kissen plays Abhishek's trusted aide whereas Nikhil Dwivedi plays a cop. In its Tamil versionm, the name given to the film will be ‘Ashokavanam’ with Prithviraj Sukumar playing Abhishek's character. Actress-dancer Shobana has done the choreography.

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